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Rhymes With Witch
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December 17, 2003
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The First Rhymes With Witch Comic... Sorta

May 20, 2013

Back in mid-2003, I registed the domain rhymes-with-witch.com with the original intent of it housing comics, writing, and art not related to my main webcomic, Something*Positive. I futzed around with it but never really launched the site until a year later.

This was, to me, the first real Rhymes With Witch strip. It had nothing to do with Something*Positive and acted as filler. There was another strip very similar that ran in October of 2003, which also features Mr. Fishface there, that would seem to be the first RWW, but it actually had a connection to S*P - or, at least, the old official LiveJournal community for S*P after I had to - and I and not even fucking kidding here - I had to ban the use of the word "furry" because it's mere presence in a post would cause nothing but a shitstorm of idiotic rage, from both furries and people who hated them. Because apparently if you give adults something like LiveJournal, they turn into frothing tweens who need someone to reign them in.

*Ahem* Anyway... yeah, this is technically the first RWW strip. Whooo! -R.
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